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Jeon Somi Discusses How Her Stylist Reacted To Her Recent “Nerdy” Outfits

Her self-proclaimed “nerdy looks” were created with pieces from her personal wardrobe.

Jeon Somi recently filmed with K-Pop ON! Spotify, and participated in a fun interview called Pick-terview.

During the interview, Jeon Somi chose fan-submitted questions to answer by pulling them out of a claw machine.

Jeon Somi selecting questions from the claw machine | @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

The claw machine expert rapidly extracted fans’ questions from the machine and talked about her latest EP Game Plan, her dream collaborations, and her styling for her recent comeback.

| @somi_official_/Twitter

One fan asked Jeon Somi about her fashion and wondered what her favorite outfit was.

Somi selected something stylish, comfortable, and casual by answering that her favorite outfits consist of tank tops, pajamas, and sweatpants.

As for an outfit she liked from her EP promotions, Jeon Somi chose her self-proclaimed “nerdy look” and explained there was a story behind how the style came to be.

Jeon Somi’s “nerdy look” | @somsomi0309/Instagram
| @somsomi0309/Instagram

The talented soloist revealed that her “nerdy look” outfits were created with pieces from her personal wardrobe after her stylist hilariously declared that it was “too hard” to style the look herself.

Somi added that using her own clothes made styling the “nerdy look” outfits “more fun.

During the interview, Somi also named the international artists she hopes to collaborate with in the future.

Check out more on that in the article below!

Jeon Somi Chooses The International Artists She Hopes To Collaborate With In The Future



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