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KARA Shares Their True Feelings About The Group’s Concepts Over The Years

KARA has reunited after six years to commemorate the group’s 15th anniversary, and the reunion is proving to be a special and emotional moment for both the group and Kamilias.

(From left to right) KARA’s Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji | @young_g_hur/Instagram

Not only did the group announce they would be coming back together, but they also announced they would be dropping a special anniversary album, Move Again.

The legendary group made their comeback in the most iconic way, performing for the first time in six years on one of K-Pop’s most-watched stages at the year-end 2022 MAMA Awards.

KARA performing at the “2022 MAMA Awards” | The Korea Herald

The group has also been making appearances on K-Pop variety and music shows, making their “ending fairy” debuts and giving fans a chance to reconnect with the second-generation icons.

| MBCkpop/YouTube 

KARA also made a special appearance with fellow second-generation artist IU, who debuted a year after KARA.

The group’s promotions often overlapped with IU, and the soloist became close with many members, including Nicole and the late Goo Hara, who both co-hosted SBS‘s Inkigayo with IU.

(From left to right) Nicole, IU, and Goo Hara | SBS

As a decade-long friend of the group, KARA felt comfortable opening up to IU and joined her on the 16th episode of the soloist’s show, IU’s Palette.

The emotional reunion almost didn’t happen because of IU’s busy schedule. Still, when she was approached about the possibility of having KARA on her show, she immediately knew she had to make it happen.

After meeting again after a long time apart, they all naturally began reminiscing about some of KARA’s most legendary hits, including the song that was a turning point for the group.

KARA with IU | @nicole__jung/Instagram

While discussing their extensive discography, IU asked the group if any of their concepts impressed them the most. Each member had their own song in mind and spilled their true feelings about the concept at the time.

Nicole shared that “Lupin” was most impressive to her because it was the first time the group departed from a cutesy image into a darker concept. Although they were excited to try something new, they were initially worried that fans wouldn’t understand the change. Luckily, the song was immediately a hit.

KARA during their “Lupin” era

Jiyoung picked “Pretty Girl” because the members wore Barbie pink outfits and because of a touching moment they shared with Kamilias during a live music broadcast.

Fans had joined together to wear pink gloves and do the point choreography to their song, which Jiyoung remembers to this day.

Seungyeon picked “Rock U” because, at the time, she was 20 and felt she was too mature to continue doing cute concepts. Hilariously though, when she reviewed her performance for “Rock U,” she pleasantly felt that she looked really cute, and it suited her more than she expected.

KARA’s “Rock U” era

KARA’s leader picked “Mister,” which was a mega-hit for the group. Gyuri described it as “sensational at the time,” citing their backward choreography and overalls fashion as part of the reason why it became such a hot topic.

KARA during their “Mister” era

Finally, Youngji named “Step” because she felt it was the perfect mix of KARA’s strong and cute concepts, and people can’t help but follow along with the fun choreography.

The observant IU hilariously noted that each member named the concept that best suited them as individuals and stated that they must have found the concepts impressive due to their positive feelings surrounding them.

The members continued to catch up with IU throughout the show, and IU spilled some true feelings of her own. Check out the article below for IU’s first impression of KARA’s Gyuri!

IU Spills On Her First Impression Of KARA’s Gyuri



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