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LE SSERAFIM Did Their Best For Their Abs To Pop Out On Camera…Then There Was Kazuha

Even Sakura was in disbelief!

Just take one look at the LE SSERAFIM members and it’s easy to see that they all boast incredible physiques! This was especially obvious in one of the scenes of their recent documentary, “The World Is My Oyster,” where they were shown posing for the camera.

After the photoshoot, Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin gathered together and started talking about their poses. Sakura playfully shared that she did her best to move her body in such a way that her abs were visible, causing her members to laugh out loud.

  • Chaewon: But I could see your abs earlier.
  • Sakura: I kept doing…
  • Yunjin: You’re trying too hard. (laughs)
  • Chaewon: We’re the abs group.

The Japanese singer then walked over to Kazuha who was resting on a chair. Sakura had watched her photoshoot and noticed in awe that her abs were very much present! She asked Kazuha if she was flexing her stomach to make them show, and Kazuha laughingly admitted that she wasn’t doing anything special.

  • Sakura: Were you flexing?
  • Kazuha: No. (laughs)

In disbelief, she asked if “they’re always there,” and Kazuha nodded shyly.

Sakura pointed to her own stomach and jokingly said, “Get up, abs. Get up. Get up.”

As a former professional ballerina who trained intensively for many years, it isn’t surprising that Kazuha has defined abs! She exercises regularly and eats a balanced diet.

Because of how hard she works, the results on her body are clear as day. All she has to do is stand and her abs can already be seen!

In a past vlog, she even showed and described the tools she uses to help her massage her body and exercise on-the-go. Check them out here:

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Lists The Tools You Need To Get Toned Abs And A Great Posture Like Her



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