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Married Couple Go Viral As Netizens Mistake Them For Grandfather And Granddaughter

Would you have thought the same?

Couples with significant age gaps are by no means a new phenomenon in this world. However, it is rare to see a pair go viral just because their difference in years is nearly incomprehensible to most.

But a couple in China achieved that very feat last year. Around August 2023, pictures of an elderly man driving a Ferrari went viral on Weibo. But the virality factor of the photos was not the bright red luxury car but a young woman seated beside the man.

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| Weibo

Intrigued netizens started speculating about their relationship, with most settling on the guess that the woman was the man’s granddaughter. However, on further inspection, netizens realized that the two were actually a married couple!

As evidence, Chinese netizens found a photo of the pair together, holding up their Chinese marriage certificates while wearing matching couple t-shirts.

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| Weibo

In another photo, the couple can again be seen showing off the very recognizable red marriage certificate while striking a heart pose.

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| Weibo

After the reality of their relationship came to the surface, netizens were divided in their opinion about the couple. While some speculated that the man’s financial stability might have been a motivator behind the marriage, others saw it as a possibility to find happiness even at an older age.

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