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Most Idols Get Subway Birthday Advertisements — BTS’s Jimin Got An Airplane

BTS‘s Jimin deserves the world, especially on his birthday. Unfortunately, ARMYs couldn’t actually get him that, so they settled on plastering his face across a plane for his special day!

PARKJIMINBAR, Jimin’s Chinese fanbase, revealed their customized exclusive airplanes with a birthday message for Jimin as part of their 2021 birthday support project to celebrate his 27th birthday (26th internationally).


In cooperation with Jeju Air, the project featured an airplane that was specially designed with Jimin’s photos. Below is how the fanclub designed the livery…

Plane Preview | @JIMINBAR_CHINA/Twitter

And here’s how it turned out in reality!

In addition, the flight tickets and cup sets on the plane were also Jimin-themed and featured photos from Jimin fansite Loveletter.

Paper Cup Preview | @JIMINBAR_CHINA/Twitter

Normally, fanclubs will purchase one or several subway advertisements for their favorite idol in celebration of their birthday, such as Jimin’s own advertisement celebrating his 24th birthday.



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