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Popular Japanese Idol’s Marriage To 27-Year-Older Fan Causes A Stir Online

They met when she was only 17!

Yuki Tomoe, a 21-year-old former Japanese idol, has caused a stir online with her story of how she got married to a much older male fan.

Yuki Tomoe | @_tomoe_0722

Tomoe was only a high school student when she debuted in an Osaka-based idol group in November 2018. But in 2019, she graduated from the group, citing difficulties balancing her career and studies. But in April 2020, she was back in the public eye after her marriage to Mitsuo, a fan of hers who is 27 years older.

Tomoe with her husband | @_tomoe_0722

During a recent broadcast, the ex-idol candidly talked about her marriage and how the people around them reacted to it. According to Yuki, her husband is an “Otaku,” a word that refers to a person with an intense or obsessive interest, especially in anime or manga. The idol shared that she met Mitsuo when she was 17, carrying out her idol activities.

Mitsuo was a fan of Yuki’s group but was apparently more interested in the other members. But as he saw Yuki during her live performances and broadcasts, he grew fascinated by her. After meeting each other as an idol and a fan, the two developed romantic attachments, and according to Yuki, she was the first to confess her feelings.

Tomoe performing on stage as an idol with her future husband in the audience | @_tomoe_0722

However, Yuki didn’t date her current husband until she had already left an idol’s career. After leaving her group, she introduced Mitsuo to her parents and asked their permission to see him. When the MC asked how her parents felt about this 27-year age gap, she revealed that there were no conflicts from their side. Though Mitsuo is the same age as Yuki’s parents, Yuki said that her mother has always been supportive of her choices, and this time, too, there was no exception.

A picture pointing out that her husband and her mother are the same age | @_tomoe_0722

Despite her parents’ approval, Yuki says that the people around her would make cruel remarks about her relationship, pointing out that her husband might die early and she will be alone or that she will have to take care of her entire family by herself when he grows old. Yuki’s response to them, however, is firm and confident. She said, “I got married after overcoming those problems. So, I think it’d be nice if no one else intervened. I believe that pursuing your own happiness is the most important thing in your life.”

The couple runs a successful YouTube channel together and posts a variety of content, including mukbang and lifestyle vlogs.



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