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Netizens Think NewJeans’s Latest Brand Deal Is “Inappropriate” For Vastly Different Reasons

As one of the most popular fourth-generation groups, NewJeans are in high demand and have many brand deals under their belts.

NewJeans | Coca-Cola
| Levi’s
| Apple

Recently, NewJeans were announced to be appearing in the upcoming edition of Marie Claire Korea in a special collaboration with Canadian outdoor brand Moose Knuckle.

Each of the members looks gorgeous in individual shots as well as the group photos.

| Marie Claire Korea
| Marie Claire Korea
| Marie Claire Korea

On a post discussing the new photos, international fans had a bit of a laugh at the name of the brand. In English language slang, a “moose knuckle” refers to the visible outline of someone with a penis’s genitals when wearing tight clothes.

Korean netizens did not think this was appropriate for the group but for a more serious reason.

According to Korean netizens who reacted to the post, Moose Knuckle is a brand that is known for being worn by school bullies. With how, intense bullying issues are in Korea, it’s easy to see why some would think this was not a good fit for the group.

  • The outfits are OK, but the brand is so heavily associated with school bullies now that it’s going to be impossible to turn things around.
  • I feel like NewJeans being the ambassadors is going to make it even more appealing to the bullies.
  • Still looks like a bully uniform to me.
  • It looks like she stole her mom’s clothes in the last picture.
  • The f*ck are you talking about?

The group look beautiful in these new shots, but what do you think?




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