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One Part Of 2PM Lee Junho’s “King The Land” Trip To Thailand Stands Out In His Mind

He admits some memories are fuzzy, but one thing is constantly on his mind.

King The Land may have had its heartwarming finale in June, but the popular show has left a lasting impression on many who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the lovable characters, including 2PM Lee Junho‘s character, Gu Won, and Girls’ Generation YoonA‘s character, Cheon Sa Rang.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left) and 2PM’s Lee Junho (right) on a promotional poster for “King The Land” | JTBC

Luckily for fans of the program, Lee Junho isn’t done looking back on his time starring in the series and recently opened up more about his experience in an “Ask Me Anything” chat with ELLE Korea.

Lee Junho | 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

As it has been a year since King The Land was filmed, Lee Junho shared that it was hard to remember some of the filming, but certain moments remained clear in his head, including parts of his trip to Thailand.

For the show, members of the staff and crew took a trip to Thailand to film scenes for episode 10, during which the best employees from the King Group go on an incentive trip.

A photo from episode 10 of “King The Land” | Netflix

While he struggled to remember exact details from some of his scenes in Thailand, what he did remember was the delicious food.

Lee Junho noted his love for the famous Thai dish Bu Pad Pong Karee, which is stir-fried crab in curry powder, stating it was what he wanted to eat most, even now. During his trip, he ate the popular dish along with pork steak, fried rice, and morning glory three times a day.

Lee Junho hilariously revealed that the fun trip to Thailand led to a 5 kg (approx. 11 lbs.) weight gain thanks to the delicious food.

For Lee Junho, ensuring he and his fans eat proper and healthy meals is most important to him, so he positively viewed the experience as a “5 kg bulk-up.

The cast members continue to share their fond experiences from filming the series, with Lee Junho even admitting that, between Gu Won and his The Red Sleeve character, Prince Yi San, he would choose to live as Gu Won for a month to lead a “comfortable life.

Check out more behind-the-scenes information about King The Land in the article below!

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