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Popular Rookie Idol’s MBTI Does A 180° Switch (And Fans Think They Know Why)

Which one’s his *real* personality?

A member of a popular rookie boy group seems to have undergone a complete personality switch with his latest MBTI test results, and fans think there may be a funny reason behind the change.

The idol in question? None other than ZEROBASEONE’s Yujin!

zb1 yujin mbti 1

Back when he competed on Mnet’s Boys Planet, Yujin filled out with self-written profile with the MBTI type ENFP.

zb1 yujin mbti 2
| Mnet

Also known as the ‘Campaigner’ personality type, ENFPs are extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. They’re seen as people have a strong sense of hope and positive to others, embracing big ideas that reflect that. True free spirits, ENFPs have a vibrant energy and as well as a deep desire for meaningful connections with other people.

zb1 yujin mbti 3

While Yujin does have an undeniable charming energy, fans have long had their doubts about the accuracy of his results. In particular, many often remarked that the idol showed a very introverted personality on camera, often remaining quiet in chaotic situations.

Now, it seems that ZEROSE (ZEROBASEONE fans) were right all along! In a recent update on the fan-idol chat platform Bubble, Yujin revealed he has a new result — and it’s literally the polar opposite of his previous type! According to his latest update, Yujin is actually an ISTJ.

zb1 yujin mbti 4
| Dear U. Bubble

With introverted, observant, thinking, and judging traits, ISTJ is commonly referred to as the ‘Logistician’ type. Logisticians are a lot more reserved than other personality types, with a tendency to be rational and methodical in their actions. They’re straightforward, they enjoy structure, and they’re seen as responsible and dependable.

zb1 yujin mbti 5

This isn’t the first time Yujin’s personality type has changed; over the past year, it’s been reported as both ENFJ and INFJ. But, fans seem to all agree that ISTJ finally seems like the right fit.

zb1 yujin mbti 6
| Mnet

But just why has Yujin’s personality done a complete 180-degree switch? Some fans think they may have the answer, and it’s hilariously adorable. There’s another member of ZEROBASEONE who shares Yujin’s original personality type, ENFP, and he may be the culprit for Yujin’s mistaken type…

zb1 yujin mbti 7

zb1 yujin mbti 7

Gyuvin! Both Yujin and Gyuvin are from the same agency, Yuehua Entertainment, and they’ve been inseparable since Boys Planet first aired.

Around three years older than then-15-year-old maknae Yujin, Gyuvin has always taken an older brother-type role with his dongsaeng.

As such, fans think there’s a good chance that Gyuvin may have “helped” the young teen out with his self-written profile by letting him copy his answers.

In fact, just this month, Gyuvin was caught writing half of Yujin’s profile answers on an episode of ZBTV.

All in all, while many fans have their reservations about the 16 Personalities test that idols typically use to find their type, most agree that Yujin’s new personality is a much better fit, particularly when it comes to introversion versus extroversion.

The perfect type for a sweetly quiet, dedicated idol like Yujin!



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