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Popular Trainee Finally Debuts…Just To End Up On His 3rd Survival Show

Fans are actually a bit happy about this!

For many trainees, one way of making their debut after many years of hard work is through the numerous survival shows that now take place. Produce 101 and Girls Planet 999 are just some shows that have launched idols to stardom.

Last year, the show that was the talk of the internet was undoubtedly Boys Planet, the show that created ZEROBASEONE. Fans tuned in as nearly 100 trainees tried to make their debut or re-debut in the final group.

| Mnet

Of the many popular contestants, Jay Chang stood out to many. Jay gained fame from traveling K-Pop events with former FM Entertainment trainee Beomhan and ranked high throughout the series.

ONE PACT’s Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan(right) | FM Entertainment
| Mnet

Many were left extremely disappointed when Jay barely missed making his debut in ZEROBASEONE, ranking 10th place. While this was a better result than his appearance on Under Nineteen, many wondered what was next for the idol.

After releasing his first solo album in October 2023, fans were pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Jay would be part of Armada Entertainment‘s new boy group, “ONE PACT.” The group officially debuted in November 2023 with Moment.

ONE PACT | Armada Entertainment

Now, less than three months after his group debut, Jay will be appearing on another survival show.

In December 2023, Mnet announced a new type of survival show from their previous content, titled Build Up.

“Build Up” is a TV survival program aimed at creating a four-member vocal boy group. Currently active K-Pop idols, as well as singer-songwriters, models, and trainees, are said to participate.

— Star News article

The show’s line-up already attracted some negative attention when it was just rumored, but several cast members, including Jay, were revealed during the recently released previews.

| Mnet

While appearing on a third survival show could be frustrating, some fans have looked at the bright side and see this as a chance for publicity for the group.



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