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Rising Actor Goes From Playing Homophobic Bully To Starring In New BL K-Drama

Actor Jin Ho Eun is showcasing his range with his latest role.

Jin Ho Eun

The 23-year-old actor has a diverse filmography already after debuting in the 2018 web drama Go, Back Diary. He is best known for appearing in K-Dramas Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, The Secret of Secret, To My Beautiful Woo Ri, All of Us Are Dead, Revenge of Others, Nevertheless, and Sh**ting Stars.

“All of Us Are Dead”
“Revenge of Others”

In Disney+ series Revenge of Others, Jin Ho Eun portrayed Sa Jung Kyung. His character was a bully, who was horrible to other characters. This included homophobia, as the K-Drama does contain a small BL (Boy Love) plotline.

Shooting champion Ok Chan-mi does not believe that her twin brother committed suicide. Just as the police begin to wrap up the case, Chan-mi transfers to her brother’s school to find his killer. She meets and gets involved with Ji Soo-heon, a boy with many adversities in his life who also seeks justice, but in a rather dangerous way. Together, they work towards a common goal; getting revenge on perpetrators, despite knowing the risk.

— Wikipedia via News1

Recently, Jin Ho Eun and Nam Yoon Su (Extracurricular, Birthcare Center, Beyond Evil, and The King’s Affection) were reportedly cast as Go Young and Kyu Ho (also romanized Gyuho), respectively, in new BL K-Drama Love in the Big City. Reportedly, the filming wrapped in February, and it’s scheduled to release in October.

An audacious tale of two roommates, one a gay man and another a straight woman. Through the eyes of Mi Ae begins Go Young’s clumsy love story. Stories of laughter, tears, and wounds between a mother in denial of her son’s sexuality and his being unable to escape societal judgment. Go Young finally meets a pure love like no other, Kyu Ho, but has no choice but to let him go. With Kyu Ho gone, Go Young follows a stranger to Thailand and spends a late monsoon vacation. Reminiscing about the good old days that can never be retrieved, he achieves complete personal growth.

— MyDramaList via

Love in the Big City is adapted from Park Sang Young‘s best-selling novel of the same name, which was Sang’s first work published in English as it was translated by Anton Hur, who also worked on BTS‘s Beyond the Story. So far, fans are equally excited and hopeful that it will stay faithful to the source material and provide a positive representation for the LGBTQIA+ community.

The true name of the narrator, a gay man who is HIV positive, is never revealed. Some individuals call him “Mr. Park” and some call him “Mr. Young”. The narrator refers to the HIV virus as “Kylie” as in Kylie Minogue. He majored in the French language in university. His mother is an Evangelical Christian; Kirkus Reviews refers to her as “acidic” and “ailing”. At one time his mother sent him to a gay conversion therapy center.

The novel jumps around in time instead of having a progressive linear development. The majority of the book chronicle’s the narrator’s time with long time partner Gyu-ho. It also includes a female character named Jaehee, a fellow French major, who becomes the narrator’s friend while he is in his 20s. The narrator and Jaehee live in an apartment for a time and discuss their love lives. They distance after Jaehee marries and the narrator moves back with his parents.

— Wikipedia

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 8.21.20 PM

Interestingly, the novel has also recently been reportedly adapted into a film with Kim Go Eun (Goblin and Little Women) and Noh Sang Hyun (Pachinko) starring as Jae Hee and Heung Soo, respectively.

Characterized by her sharp tongue and daring attitude, Jae Hee is always at the center of gossip and hateful rumors. Meanwhile, Heung Soo is set on keeping his gay identity a secret for life. One day, in the back alley of a hotel, Jae Hee discovers Heung Soo’s secret by chance. Contrary to Heung Soo’s worries, Jae Hee keeps his secret and even helps him in a critical moment. As the two misfits begin to rely on each other, they secretly move in together and attempt to find love in the prejudiced world they live in.

— MyDramaList via Plus M

Actors Kim Go Eun (left) and Noh Sang Hyun (right) at the table reading for the new film “Love in the Big City” | Plus M Entertainment

While it might seem odd that there will be both film and K-Drama adaptions of the same novel in the same year, the original Love in the Big City book was told in four parts. So, each adaptation can focus on one of these four parts.



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