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Seo In Guk Shocked To Discover That He Was Conceived From A One-Night Stand

Beloved actor and singer Seo In Guk once discovered the true story behind his birth… on national television.

Seo In Guk | tvN

On a 2013 “Sons Over Flowers” special episode of KBS‘s Mamma Mia, Seo In Guk and his mother guested.

Seo In Guk (left) and his mother (right)
Seo In Guk (left) and his mother (right) | KBS

The hosts asked his mother about her type, revealing she was into “younger men,” although her opinion has since changed. She was initially too shy to talk about it.

So, Seo In Guk shared that while he was still a student, he heard that his mother was older than his father. Much to the hosts ‘ surprise, she is seven years older than his father.

My father was born in 1962. My mother was born in 1955.

— Seo In Guk

Yet, that was the least surprising part of the story. When asked how they met, Seo In Guk’s mother revealed that she and he were introduced. Her now-husband didn’t know her age until after their son came into the picture! Even their marriage came after Seo In Guk.

MC 1: Wasn’t he surprised later?

Seo In Guk’s mother: It was too late then. He found out after I had him, and we registered our wedding and got his birth certificate.

MC 2: Let’s go over this slowly. When were you introduced?

This started raising more questions, realizing Seo In Guk was conceived before marriage. So, the MCs inquired when they met then Seo In Guk’s birthday. It didn’t take the cast long to realize that Seo In Guk must have been born shortly after his parents met, even the day of.

Seo In Guk: Did I just find out the secret of my birth?

Offscreen cast: This is like a drama!

MC 1: They registered their wedding after she had In Guk.

MC 2: What month were you introduced in?

Seo In Guk’s mother: December.

MC 1: How long after that… Hold on. How should we calculate this?

Seo In Guk’s mother: When is your birthday? October 23.

Cast: It was that day.

Seo In Guk froze for a moment, expressionless, likely doing the math in his head. When it finally hit him, he exclaimed, “Mom!” before covering his face in embarrassment.

The MCs and cast of Mamma Mia couldn’t get over the story so much, so they wanted more. They commented that Seo In Guk’s mother was “cool,” asking her for details of what happened that day.

Seo In Guk, like the good son he is, jumped to her defense literally. He shielded her, declaring, “I’m going to protect my mom.”

Watch the full clip below.

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