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SHINee Key’s Must-Have Hair Product For Frequently Dyed “Idol Hair”

The talented SHINee member shares some of his go-to cosmetic products.

SHINee‘s Key recently sat down with W Korea to reveal the contents of his bag, naming the items he travels with frequently and the products he can’t live without.

During the video, Key introduced some of the rare and unique items he carries with him and items he’s picked up during his international travels.

SHINee’s Key | W KOREA/Instagram

Key’s video hilariously turned into an instructional video as he showcased how some of the products work, including the unique tennis shoes he bought in Spain, which appear to be water shoes but are not.

He also demonstrated his own technique for applying perfume, turning the video into an impromptu infomercial as he described his favorite Longtake sandalwood perfume.

While discussing and demonstrating some of the cosmetic products he owns, he introduced his must-have hair product to use on his frequently dyed hair.

As idols are constantly switching up their look, oftentimes by bleaching or dyeing their hair, many have their own routine for keeping their hair and scalp as healthy as possible.

SHINee’s Key with bleached blonde hair | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Using a product from the same Longtake sandalwood line, Key revealed he uses the Longtake sandalwood hair oil on his “idol hair,” which gives it a trendy “wet hair” look while moisturizing and nourishing it.

Check out the other items he carries and recommends in the video below!



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