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SHINee’s Key Spills On The Benefit Of Doing Other K-Pop Idols’ Dance Challenges

The “cover dance king” noticed one perk about dance challenges.

Longtime friends and fellow second-generation K-Pop idols, SHINee‘s Key and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, recently reunited to film for Hyeri’s new YouTube talk show, Hyeri’s Club!

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (right) visiting SHINee’s Key (left) when he was serving in the military.

During the episode, the two idols discussed the early days of their careers, working with K-Pop’s 4th and 5th generation artists, filming Amazing Saturday together, and more.

| 혜리/YouTube

Key explained that it was difficult for second-generation artists to connect with newer generations during the years the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-person meetings and interactions.

After restrictions were relaxed and Key began attending music shows again, he found it easier to greet younger artists, though he still found difficulty becoming close to them due to their age gap.

One way he’s been able to break the ice with younger artists is through filming dance challenge videos with them.

Hyeri revealed she had only participated in (G)I-DLE‘s “Queencard” dance challenge because no one else “asked her to do it.

SHINee’s Key is known for effortlessly picking up other idols’ choreography by watching Instagram reels and he often dances to other groups’ songs.

Key shared he had participated in many dance challenges and had one “funny” observation about them.

Key revealed that he gets more views when he participates in dance challenges. His most viewed dance challenge is NewJeans‘ “Ditto,” which he performed by himself on Amazing Saturday.

When Hyeri pointed out that Key never asked her to participate in his “I’m Good” dance challenge, he clarified that it felt “a bit weird to ask someone.

Check out their full conversation in the video below!



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