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The Complete Dating Histories Of HyunA And Yong Jun Hyung

They’re surprisingly connected.

Recently, K-Pop diva HyunA and former HIGHLIGHT member Yong Jun Hyung (also known as Junhyung) got caught up in dating rumors after the former posted a picture of them on a beach. Though the respective agencies of the artists have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, HyunA and Yong Junhyung have hinted toward it being official.

Yong Jun Hyung | @bigbadboii/Instagram
HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The couple has drawn the attention of K-Pop fans for a multitude of reasons, and among other things, their past romances have also come up in discussions.

HyunA’s past relationship was in the spotlight for years up until a recent breakup. In 2018, she shook the K-Pop world after revealing that she had been dating former PENTAGON member DAWN (then E’Dawn) since 2016. The couple made the announcement going against their former agency, CUBE Entertainment, who had initially denied the rumors of the two dating.

HyunA with DAWN | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

We know that (our relationship) will stick with us but we both thought it would be difficult to see our fans on stage (if we didn’t announce it). So we wanted to honestly tell our fans who have loved us and showed us their support, and present ourselves confidently and joyfully on stage.

— HyunA and DAWN

After announcing their relationship, both HyunA and DAWN left CUBE and re-debuted as soloists and a duo under P Nation in 2019. The two announced their engagement in 2022, but near the end of that year, they shared the news of their break up.

Though her relationship with DAWN was the only public romance of HyunA, she has been caught up in dating rumors with other idols before. In 2012, when she was a member of the girl group 4minute, netizens speculated that she was dating another HIGHLIGHT member, Hyunseung, who was also her partner in the duo unit Troublemaker. Troublemaker was formed in 2011, and since the very beginning, the flaming chemistry between the two artists had sparked rumors of them dating secretly. In 2012, pictures of the two holding hands backstage took the internet by storm, adding fuel to the fire. However, this relationship was never addressed publicly by either side.

HyunA and Hyunseung as “Troublemaker” | CUBE Entertainment
HyunA and Hyunseung were spotted holding hands backstage

On the other hand, Junhyung’s past dating life has also been quite public. In 2011, rumors of Junhyung dating the late Goo Hara began to surface, and the two became the first idol couple to announce their relationship publicly. However, in 2013, the two broke up due to their busy schedules. Interestingly, Goo Hara and HyunA were known to be close friends.

Goo Hara | @koohara__/Instagram
Goo Hara with Junhyung

After Goo Hara, Junhyung’s current speculated relationship with HyunA is the first time his romance has come into the public eye. But the reception has been less enthusiastic due to his link to the Burning Sun scandal. Read more about it here.



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