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“The Hottest Man Alive”: “A Shop for Killers” Viewers Can’t Stop Simping Over Lee Dong Wook

He’s inspired more than a few viral edits.

As one of the most anticipated K-Dramas of the year, A Shop for Killers has kept viewers looking forward to each new episode. But the drama’s action scenes aren’t the only reason everyone’s tuned in.

After the sudden death of Ji An’s uncle, she learns of a suspicious shopping mall that he left behind. Who was her uncle, and what kind of shopping mall did he run? Before Ji An can even fathom what is going on, she is attacked by unidentified people who are after her uncle’s supplies.

— Hulu

Viewers haven’t been able to stop simping over actor Lee Dong Wook as the character Jeong Jin Man.

Lee Dong Wook | Disney+

Viewers have created various edits and posts to simp over Lee Dong Wook’s shirtless scenes and his character being “the hottest man alive.

They even shared their love for Lee Dong Wook on TikTok with more viral edits. One viewer simped so hard for the actor that they said, “He should choke me for all I care.


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♬ som original – peter ♚ – Peter ♚


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♬ original sound – calvin

Not only does Lee Dong Wook’s visuals have viewers in a chokehold, but he also has the talent to make everyone fall for a character who’s a deadly killer.



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