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The K-Pop Idol Who Managed To Get Banned From… Tumblr?

But… why?

To satisfy Apple’s safety standards for Apple on their app store, Tumblr banned a lot of potentially “triggering” words. But Weki Meki fans, Ki’lings, were shocked when they discovered that Doyeon‘s full name, “Kim Doyeon,” was included in the list of terms the site started blocking.

Fans took to Twitter, joking about the achievement as Doyeon is the first K-Pop idol to have achieved such a “feat.”


Some fans joked that she was simply too hot for the app.

While others took the issue more seriously, speculating that the ban was for more serious reasons, like posts under her tag possibly promoting eating disorders.


Whatever the reason, it is impossible to deny the hilarity of Tumblr deeming Doyeon as one of its explicit words. Fortunately for her fans, the tag “Doyeon” is still accessible. But, banned from Tumblr or not, Doyeon can keep slaying us all with her unparalleled visuals.



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