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The Time YG Entertainment Stunned TREASURE By Agreeing To Their Major Request After Debut

TREASURE is the newest boy group under YG Entertainment. They debuted in 2020 with “BOY” and recently promoted their album Reboot with the title track “BONA BONA.”

In an interview with K Star Next Door, members Hyunsuk, Jihoon, and Yoshi looked back on their earlier years as artists. They started their journeys as trainees at YG Entertainment. As seen on the survival program YG Treasure Box, the company had 29 male trainees of all ages who competed for a spot on the debut team.

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The trio revealed that their living conditions were not the most ideal at the time. The hardest part was being cramped in the same room as nine others.

The environment was poor when we were trainees. So ten  people slept in the same room together.

— Jihoon

Jihoon likened it to living at an army base where men sleep side-by-side on long, flat beds.

It was almost like an army. That’s how we used to live.

— Jihoon

TREASURE staying at a military base camp for one of their TREASURE MAP episodes

After they moved on from trainees to artists, the members figured they had more leverage to request for their wants from the company. Their main concern was their living arrangements as a large group of then twelve members. They did not want the “poor” conditions they just experienced to follow them onto their journey as singers.

Then after we debuted, there were quite a lot of members.

— Jihoon

TREASURE’s debut poster | @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

Thus, they took their chance and presented one main request to the company, hoping for the best.

 We asked our agency if they could get us one more house.

— Jihoon

To their genuine surprise, YG Entertainment complied right away, giving their immediate approval.

[They said] ‘Sure.’ They were cool about it.

— Jihoon

Thankfully, the ten members now have their own rooms in two separate dorms which offer them more privacy. They are now saving up their large requests and plan to space them out throughout their career.

We’re taking it slowly. There is still many mountains to pass. We only crossed Mt. Jiri. There are still Mr. Baekdu and Alaska left.

— Hyunsuk

One of TREASURE’s dorms

Check out the full video below to learn more about TREASURE!



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