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The Unexpected Reason A 2nd-Gen K-Pop Idol Gives “Short Reactions” During Fan Calls

He gives fellow idols an “unexpected tip.”

HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoseob and Kikwang recently appeared on fellow second-generation K-Pop idol Kim Jaejoong‘s popular talk show, JaeFriends.

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(From left:) HIGHLIGHT’s Kikwang and Yoseob, Kim Jaejoong | uhmg/YouTube

One of JaeFriends‘ unique aspects is that host Kim Jaejoong is left unaware of his guests’ identities until the start of the show.

Staff members instead read a list of clues to have him guess who his celebrity guest would be in that episode. While he sometimes guesses correctly, other times, he has no idea who will appear on the show.

During the two HIGHLIGHT members’ episode, Jaejoong quickly and correctly guessed their identities thanks to one specific clue, which stated that one of the then-unnamed guests was a man who made Jaejoong cry.

The clue was in reference to JaeFriends‘ second episode, which featured TEEN TOP‘s Niel and INFINITE‘s Sungjong. During the episode, Jaejoong cried while reacting to a viral fan call featuring Yoseob, which was with a kind fan who emotionally conveyed their support for Yoseob.

The HIGHLIGHT members addressed Jaejoong’s reaction to the fan call during their episode, and Yoseob explained that it was his fan who had brought Jaejoong to tears.

While discussing the fan call, Yoseob revealed a pro-tip for conducting fan calls, explaining the accommodation he makes knowing fans record and upload their conversations online.

Knowing that fans often disguise their voices while uploading their fan calls to share with other fans, Yoseob admitted that he often stays quiet and doesn’t interrupt his fans when they’re talking to make it easier for them to modify their voices while editing the video to upload.

He shared that is also the thoughtful reason why he gives “short reactions.

Yoseob’s fan call expertise surprised even Jaejoong, who seemed amazed by the kind effort Yoseob put in to make his fans’ experience unforgettable.

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