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Third Gen Idol Pleads Fans To Stop Hating On K-Pop’s “Unhealthy” Diets

She added some nuance to the conversation.

K-Pop idols often deal with harsh beauty standards, including those about their weight and body image. Fans are left worrying about idols who mention diets, as they are often not substantial enough for an active idol, and believe the idol looks fine the way they are.

Recently, former MOMOLAND member Daisy gave additional insight into what can cause K-Pop idols to view their body image differently.

Daisy | @daisiesforyu/Instagram

Since departing the group, Daisy has made a name for herself on social media, including TikTok, where she shares lifestyle content. In a recently posted video, Daisy spoke about her trainee days under an unnamed company.

In the video, Daisy revealed that the company gave an award to the trainee who lost the most weight during the year and remarked that she didn’t see a problem with it at the time.

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While the story was definitely “messed up,” Daisy’s recollection also opened the eyes of some fans to how idols think. During one part of her storytelling, Daisy mentions that she told the story to a current idol friend who didn’t react in the way she expected.

Instead of the same confusion, Daisy talked about experiencing in the video, her idol friend focused on how the award wasn’t fair to those who couldn’t lose any more weight.

Daisy realized that her friend didn’t understand and later even remarked that she wasn’t sure if the story was weird because her perception of things was influenced by her time in the industry.

Fans assured her she was right to feel that way and explained how the award likely affected how many trainees felt about their weight.

In a reply to a fan, Daisy echoed these thoughts, wishing that people would be more understanding when idols comment on weight and dieting instead of immediately criticizing them.

While fans often are upset when idols make remarks about their own or others’ weights and eating habits, Daisy’s point is a reminder to consider how things have affected their point of view.



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