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K-Drama “Dear. M” In Discussions For Broadcast Three Years After It Was Filmed, But Netizens Are Still Critical

Netizens remain critical.

KBS2‘s drama Dear. M was filmed three years ago between 2020 and 2021. It was originally scheduled for air in Feburary 2021, but failed to make it to broadcast due to the controversy surrounding the female lead. Back then, many celebrities had been outed in a flurry of accusations for school violence. Some ended up being false, others ended up being true. Some ended after both sides butted heads in court cases.

The female lead of Dear. M, Park Hye Su, was accused of being a bully. Her case was one of the latter, where her agency sued the people who made the accusations. Around that time, one of the people who wrote the exposé corrected their statement, claiming that it was not Park Hye Su who was the bully. Dispatch also disproved the claims, claiming that the people who exposed her were actually her middle school friends.

Dispatch Reveals Park Hye Su’s Accusers Are Lying About Their Claims, Shares Text Messages Showing Their Friendship With The Actress

Park Hye Su’s agency at that point in time denied the accusations, while Park Hye Su herself has never spoken directly on the topic. Recently, in 2023, she addressed the controversy, claiming that the investigations were still under way.

Korean Actress Addresses Her School Bullying Controversy While Discussing Her New Movie

Due to the inconclusivity of the case, netizens remain highly against her. When it was reported in the media that KBS2 was in discussions to broadcast Dear. M on public channels, they were full of criticism.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • What crime did the other staff and actors commit… All because of one person.
  • This is because KBS self-produced this, so they’re trying to get it out and done with.
  • Ugh, Park Hye Su? Gonna skip on this.
  • So pathetic… They’re trying to get it to air to milk it however they can.
  • Even if shows look fun, you have to not consume it. Then they won’t use such actors. If you only talk about it through comments, but watch because it’s fun, she’ll crawl back out again.
  • They’re airing this on broadcast?

Dear. M was meant to be Playlist Studio‘s first foray into the public broadcast industry. They collaborated with KBS for the show. Prior to that, their shows were mostly aired through YouTube or Naver as webdramas. The drama later was sold for exclusive broadcast overseas on Viki.com.




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