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This Actor’s Role In “Bloodhounds” Leaves Fans Terrified… But His Instagram Does The Complete Opposite

He plays a terrifying villain, but…

The K-Drama Bloodhounds was recently released on Netflix, and fans are obsessed with the drama’s fast pace, high-stakes action.

Poster for “Bloodhounds” | Netflix

Bloodhounds tell the story of boxer Kim Gun Woo (Woo Do Hwan), whose mother is in debt to a loan shark, Kim Myeong Gil (Park Sung Woong). To try and help his mother, Gun Woo gives up on his ambitions and works for President Choi (Heo Jun Ho).

| Netfilx

Fans were in awe of the drama’s intense action scenes and talented acting.

And actor Tae Won Seok is gaining attention for his creepy, villainous acting as Kim Myeong Gil’s right-hand man, Kang In Beom.

Tae Won Seok in “Bloodhounds” | @tae_won_seok/Instagram

But while he may play the perfect villain in a drama, fans might be shocked to see Won Seok’s insane duality in his everyday life.

| @tae_won_seok/Instagram


Or even while shooting as his character, as fans noticed he was wearing crocs despite his otherwise villain-appropriate outfit.

| @tae_won_seok/Instagram

And in his regular Instagram uploads, Won Seok continually shows off his humorous personality.

| @tae_won_seok/Instagram
| @tae_won_seok/Instagram

And unexpectedly adorable mannerisms.

| @tae_won_seok/Instagram
| @tae_won_seok/Instagram
| @tae_won_seok/Instagram

Along with pictures showing off his insane physique that allows him to play such evil roles.

| @tae_won_seok/Instagram
| @tae_won_seok/Instagram

Fans love his personality and are looking forward to seeing more of his duality in his future acting roles.



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