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TWICE’s Mina Decides Which Suits Her Better: Hot Or Innocent

TWICE’s Mina Decides Which Suits Her Better: Hot Or Innocent

TWICE’s Mina is one of the world’s most popular K-pop idol group members, and with good reason! The 20-year-old has a stunningly beautiful face, and her fans love to see her display her playful side in cute outfits paired with innocent expressions.

However, another side to Mina is just as beautiful – the badass girl who can take on anyone! In this latest video, she decides which outfit suits her better: hot or innocent.

TWICE’s Mina Makes a Decision

Mina is a very versatile member of TWICE and has shown her skills in many different areas. She has been focusing on her acting career recently, but she has also been making many headlines for her music choices. In particular, Mina has been dividing fans with her selection of clothing. Is she going too far with the sexy outfits? Or is she playing it too safe? Let’s take a closer look at Mina’s recent decisions.

First, let’s talk about Mina’s appearance on the “Radio Star.” Mina was paired up on this show with Park Seo Joon, and they had to compete in various challenges. One challenge was dressing up as their favorite character from a K-drama. Mina dressed up as Lee Seung Gi from “The Heirs.” The outfit she chose was very revealing and caught many viewers’ attention. However, some fans didn’t think the company was appropriate for an innocent girl like Mina. Others believed that the establishment showed off her curves nicely and made her look sexier than ever before.

The Differences Between Hot And Innocent

TWICE’s Mina is one of the most popular K-Pop idols in the world. She has fans worldwide, and her music videos have been watched millions of times on YouTube. So which type of persona do Mina’s fans prefer? Innocent or hot?

Innocent Mina is the perfect girl next door. She’s kind and caring and always puts others first. Fans love her because she’s relatable and easy to connect with. Hot Mina is the opposite. She’s sultry, sexy, and confident. She loves to show off her body and wear revealing clothing. 

The Results of Mina’s Decision

Mina is known for being a versatile singer and actress. She has been in many different types of music videos and roles over the years, but she recently made a big decision: which suits her better, hot or innocent?

The Results of Mina’s Decision

Mina decided that hot suits her better, and she looks fantastic in the new music video for “Heart Shaker.” The song is about a guy who can’t control his feelings for Mina, and the video features lots of sensual scenes with Mina dancing and singing seductively.

In contrast, Mina’s latest “Knock Knock” music video is more innocent. The song is about a girl who keeps getting asked to let people in but is scared because she doesn’t know them. The video features many scenes where Mina is by herself or with friends and looks cute and sweet.


TWICE’s Mina has been a hit with fans for her innocent yet sexy images. However, recently she’s shifted gears and is now focusing on portraying herself in a more “hot” image. Mina showcases both sides of her persona in this new album, which seems to resonate with fans. Which side will Mina stick to next? We’ll have to wait and see!



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