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Where Is He Now? The Hot “Physical: 100” Farmer Who Viewers Called “Daddy” 

Here’s what he’s been doing since the show ended.

On Netflix‘s Korean reality show Physical: 100, one hundred athletes show off their strength by competing in physically demanding challenges. Along the way, many contestants, like Kim Kyung Jin, end up attracting a fan following.

Viewers fell head over heels for this Season 1 star, who is a farmer by trade. Given that he has a sweet and humble personality, dashing good looks, and the strength of a gladiator…

Kim Kyung Jin (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right) | Netflix

…it’s easy to see why Kim Kyung Jin thirst edits started popping up on TikTok.


Hottest farmer ever!🤩 #kimkyungjin #physical100 #physical100netflix #physical100ep2 #netflix #netflixkorea #koreanvarietyshow #koreanvariety #fyp #trending #whattowatch

♬ original sound – Sofrie Jasman – Sofrie Jasman

Many viewers were shocked to discover that the man they jokingly called “daddy” is already married with children…

…and he also isn’t as young as he looks. He’s in his early forties!

Sadly, Kim Kyung Jin didn’t have as much air time on Physical: 100 as viewers might have liked. He was among the 99 contestants eliminated in Season 1.

A year later, Season 2 of Physical: 100 has aired, and Kim Kyung Jin is still living his best life. He recently received his first skin care treatment in Gangnam…

My first time receiving a skin care treatment. After getting sunburned in Haenam, I received care in Gangnam. I’ll work hard on tomorrow’s shoot and come back!~ Once again, I realize the importance of skincare in your 40s. 😂

— Kim Kyung Jin

…and he shared this cute photo of his furry “child.

He has also been spending time with his (non-furry) children…

…doing promotional photoshoots…

…and, of course, farming!


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