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Where Is Seo In Young? The Singer Caught Verbally Abusing Staff Now Announces Marriage To Mixed Reactions

Netizens still haven’t forgotten her actions.

In 2017, former Jewelry member Seo In Young appeared on the show With You: Season 2 as part of a couple with rapper Crown J. Although the show was suddenly canceled without any explanation, leaked footage of Seo In Young verbally abusing the show’s main writer with curse words filled in the blanks of what truly happened behind the scenes. Staff anonymously spoke up about Seo In Young treating the rest of them just as poorly.

Seo In Young | @seoin0/Instagram

Because Seo In Young was removed from all of her TV appearances for the rest of that year, she appeared on Sugar Man Season 2 in 2018 with other former Jewelry members and issued a teary-eyed apology for her actions. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of negative publicity for Seo In Young.

Seo In Young apologized, “I’m really sorry, everyone.”

Although Seo In Young kept a low profile after the incident and apology, she caught heat in 2021 for allegedly plagiarizing a matching tattoo design with one of her friends. The friend admitted they’d been the one to choose it and apologized, along with Seo In Young who deleted the photos of the matching tattoos. The singer once again attempted to keep a low profile, but netizens voiced how much they haven’t forgotten her actions.

| @seoin0/Instagram

Through her Instagram account, Seo In Young announced that she would be getting married to a non-celebrity. The private ceremony with her non-celebrity businessman is set for February 2023. While her comments were full of fellow celebrities and fans congratulating her on the news, netizens weren’t as gentle.

| @seoin0/Instagram

In response to Seo In Young’s marriage announcement, Korean netizens did the opposite of congratulating the singer, instead reminding everyone of her short temper during the original incident with the staff writer.

| @seoin0/Instagram

Other than the news of her marriage, Seo In Young has continued to keep a low profile with occasional appearances on TV shows like Mystery Duet a few times a year.

Our Solbi🥹💕#MysteryDuet

— Seo In Young



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