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Why Hundreds Of Japanese Are Availing Of Unique “Rent An Uncle” Service

He’s had some strange requests.

Would you ever rent an uncle-figure for a few hours if you could?

Though it seems like a strange idea, one man has made this his entire livelihood. Meet Takanobu Nishimoto, a 55-year-old fashion producer and stylist. His main job, however, is being an “ossan” (a middle aged man) for hire.

Takanobu Nishimoto | SoraNews24

According to SoraNews24, Nishimoto mainly offers a listening ear and warm company over a cup of coffee. He started this service by himself, requiring potential clients to visit his blog, select the time they would like to meet, and check him out.

He started this line of work in 2012 after deciding to accept his image as a stereotypical uncle and even profit from it.

One day I was on the train and some girls nearby me went, ‘Ugh, what a gross ossan,’ so I decided to embrace my ossan-ness and do this.

Takanobu Nishimoto

| SoraNews24
| SoraNews24

Just three years later, he’s had over 1,500 customers. Over 60% of these are repeat customers who can’t help but continue to avail of his calming presence.

| SoraNews24

“Rent a boyfriend” or “rent a girlfriend” services are popular in Japan, a unique but easily understandable service for lonely or curious men and women who want the full relationship experience.

The purpose of a “rent an uncle” service, on the other hand, is not as upfront. People apparently pay ¥1,000 JPY (around $6.75 USD) an hour to talk to a normal looking Japanese man in order to feel a familial connection.

| SoraNews24

Nishimoto and his clients usually hang out at cafes or bars where they chat and drink about the latter’s life. They love receiving advice about various matters from the ossan.

| SoraNews24

According to his website, he describes his niche as giving “wisdom [from] an old man.” He isn’t opposed, however, to carrying out stranger requests such as “room cleaning,” “taking out bulky garbage,” and “proxy purchase.”

Some memorable interactions he has had with some clients included visiting sick people he did not know in the hospital and announcing a woman’s marriage to her family after her beloved father passed away before he could.

Finally, he has even hired numerous new hires to help expand his business!

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