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Wonho’s Upcoming Halloween Costume May Be A Popular And Sexy Game Character

As Halloween grows closer and closer, many K-Pop fans are wondering what their favorite idols will dress up as. Singer Wonho recently showed interest in dressing up as a popular character from an online RPG (role-playing game), and WENEE cannot contain their anticipation.

Wonho | @official_wonho/Twitter

Wonho previously made waves by dressing up as the Margot Robbie version of Harley Quinn from the 2016 film Suicide Squad in 2021. His legendary costume was immortalized in a special video showing him getting dressed up and even as a special photocard set!

This year, fans have been waiting to hear from Wonho on what his costume will be, and may have just gotten their answer.

On October 16, Wonho held an unexpected mention party on his Twitter account in celebration of his newest single album, Bittersweet. Some lucky fans were able to get responses from Wonho about a variety of different things.

One fan decided to send Wonho a suggestion for a Halloween costume. The costume suggested was Arataki Itto, a playable character from the online game Genshin Impact who is known for his sexy and buff look.

What are you planning to wear for Halloween? I suggest this!

— Fan

Arataki Itto from the game Genshin Impact. | miHoYo

Not too long after the fan made the tweet, Wonho responded by quote-tweeting and expressing interest in dressing up as the character!

What is this character?! Will you be able to be as extravagant as me???! I’ll keep it in mind!

— Wonho

Wonho is known for his amazing physique and would totally rock a costume of this character. Fans began to encourage Wonho to go through with this costume or offered more suggestions of “beefy” animated men.

Would you like to see Wonho dressed up as this character?



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