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8 Times SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Went Viral For The Most Iconic Reasons

SEVENTEEN’S Vernon is known to be on the quirkier side, so it is no surprise he has a large amount of moments that go viral on social media. Whether it was for his handsome visuals or dry humor, Vernon has no issue leaving CARATs in awe over these viral moments!

1. Vernon Mask Challenge

In 2021, Vernon shared a message he sent to fellow Seventeen members in which he wore a thick face mask and asked “Is this how you put on a mask?” By posting one screenshot to Weverse, Vernon sparked a viral challenge in South Korea!

2. Playing Sports With Lee Kang In

A clip of a TV show Vernon made an appearance on as a child went viral on Twitter because there was a special guest. Vernon was playing opposite Lee Kang In, who now plays for the Korean National Soccer Team!

3. Being Asked To Collab By Charli XCX

In the past, Vernon mentioned he was a big Charli XCX fan. So when Charli was searching for a new addition to a remix of her song “Beg For You”, Carats were quick to suggest Vernon be included. Charli made a tweet directed at Vernon, and Vernon went viral for just being mentioned! Of course, the collaboration ended up amazing!

4. His Eccentric Style

Vernon has gone viral multiple times for his eccentric way of dressing! Carats love to see what outfit Vernon might wear next.

5. His Signature Look

Similar to #4, Vernon’s eclectic style is so unique to him, his members find it endearing as well! At one point, they even had phone cases made of a specific look of his that they found to be the funniest!

Even fans have gone as far as dressing similar to him due to it being his “signature style”!

6. His Child Performer Days

There are tons of clips from Vernon’s days as a child entertainer that have gone viral on Twitter, because fans love how hysterical he was! One clip in particular is going viral in South Korea right now for how cute and funny it is! With the help of editing, he changed the colors of his shirts.

7. Weverse Interactions

Vernon is quite active on Weverse and will often interact with fans by responding to their posts and comments. The majority of these responses go viral because he always responds like a friend would!

8. His Good Luck Photocard

Vernon went viral on social media, particularly with Chinese Carats, after fans started to claim one particular photocard of Vernon’s brings good luck, which is helpful for tests!




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