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Aespa’s NingNing And WayV’s Kun Gain Attention For Their Chaotic Interaction During SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

Over the past few weeks, the idols at SM Entertainment have been wowing fans with some amazing performances, dazzling visuals, and hilarious interactions during their SMTOWN LIVE 2022 shows. From Korea to Japan, the idols have been performing in front of thousands of fans for the first time since the pandemic started.

SM Entertainment artists during one of the first SM TOWN LIVE shows | SM Entertainment

In particular, one clip that gained attention after their Japan show involved aespa‘s NingNing and WayV‘s Kun, and it had netizens LOL’ing.

aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Twitter

WayV’s Kun | @kun11xd/Instagram

Throughout the event, both NingNing and Kun shined in their own performances, stealing the hearts of fans with their visuals, talent, and charisma.

In particular, one clip from their Japan show has gone viral online. The clip was from the end of the event, where all of the idols were lined up and ready to take their final bow. Netizens noticed that aespa’s NingNing was standing next to WayV’s Kun.

From the minute they walked up to each other, their friendship was clear through the look they gave each other, and the hilarious hesitation before Kun stood beside NingNing.

| @ningstagrams/Twitter 

In a close-up of the duo, netizens noticed that, while the other idols took each other’s hands, Kun didn’t take NingNing. Considering how netizens are with male and female idols interaction and rumors arising, it isn’t surprising that he took that decision.

NingNing also seemed to notice and hilariously started pointing at Kun’s hand…

Then out of nowhere, NingNing suddenly and randomly elbowed Kun.

Luckily, as they both finished the bow, they had smiles on their faces and couldn’t stop laughing. It shows how close the two are and shuts down any chance for netizens to criticize NingNing for what she did.

Even from a zoomed-out view, the interaction was unmissable and stood out amongst all the idols lining up.

| @cacisci/Twitter 

When the video was shared on TikTok, it had over 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours. Even on Twitter, netizens couldn’t get enough of the hilarious interactions between NingNing and Kun.

While many thought it was sad that male and female idols felt weird about interacting, this couldn’t be further from the truth with this clip as it showcases their friendship.

NingNing is seemingly making a habit of hilarious interactions with SM artists during the bow. When she was standing next to Super Junior‘s Shindong, netizens pointed out that it looked as if they were hilariously playing “rock, paper, scissors.”

| @_aescalade/Twitter 

It isn’t even the first time NingNing has gone viral for her adorable friendship with the members of WayV. When SMTOWN LIVE had their Korean concert, the aespa member caught the attention of fans for her adorable interaction with WayV’s Ten.

When all the groups shared the stage, NingNing reached out a hand to someone else close by. Because NCT was walking by in the opposite direction, she’d been reaching out to Ten for a high-five, which he quickly returned.

Although SMTOWN LIVE 2022 might be over, hopefully, netizens won’t have to wait long to see more interactions between their favorite SM Entertainment idols.

You can read more about NingNing’s interactions with WayV below.

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