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ENHYPEN Members Looked Stunning And Runway Ready Dressed in Prada’s 2022 Fall-Winter Collection

Esquire Korea recently had a photo shoot for ENHYPEN, their cover feature for the September issue. ENHYPEN was styled with clothes from Prada’s 2022 fall and winter collection, and the result was spectacular!

The shoot included a fashion film posted on YouTube, with ENHYPEN members in various artistic shots, showing off the Prada clothes they wore so well. The one-minute fashion film effectively manifested the beauty of Prada‘s collection as worn by ENHYPEN. The coats emphasized broad shoulders and a lean silhouette.

| ESQUIRE Korea/Youtube  

The one-minute fashion film was not enough to see each member, though. With their clothes, it would be nice to see them doing an actual fashion walk. Thankfully, the ENHYPEN channel released a YouTube #short showing all seven members doing a runway walk.

Jake came up first, looking so at ease with his walk.


Heeseung walked like a boss oozing with confidence.


Sunoo was his usual perfect sassy self, a much-needed persona for the coat he wore.


Jungwon looked every inch a model with his lowered gaze at the camera and the slight pause before finally turning away.


Ni-Ki was not playing; from his streetwise strut to the head-tilt, he nailed that walk.


Sunghoon delivered a sophisticated and polished look with his black turtleneck beneath the suit.


And finally, Jay looked so good and at home with wearing Prada.


This is not the first time the boys have been dressed in Prada; back in March, the boys also wore Prada for another magazine cover.

Watch their runway walks here:

and the full fashion film here:




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