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“EXchange 2” Jeong Hyun Gyu Was Childhood Friends With NCT’s Jaehyun

Two gorgeous best friends!

Popular South Korean dating reality show, EXchange 2 (also known as Transit Love 2) is reaching its last quarter soon. About five ex-couples that live together for a month, the show lets the couples figure out if they want to get back together with their ex, or if they can find new love amongst the other cast members. The show started out with 4 couples, and then slowly added two more. One couple left the show early on due to a personal matter.

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In episode 15, a new ex was suddenly introduced. His entrance made a splash thanks to his idol-like visuals. With large eyes and a sharp face, Jeong Hyun Gyu fluttered the hearts of all the female cast members.

His straight-shooting appeal towards cast member Hae Eun also became a hot topic online, with audiences swooning over his iconic “see you tomorrow, noona,” line.

But what was even more shocking was his background! Jeong Hyun Gyu was from an elite background that lacked nothing. A rich family, a self-started successful Airbnb business, an education at the prestigious Seoul National University, plus, he was tall and handsome to boot!

Jeong Hyun Gyu’s elementary graduation picture. | @focusonstetc/Twitter

Coincidentally, he also graduated from the same middle school and batch as NCT‘s Jaehyun. According to ex-schoolmates, the two were the two most popular male students. The female students would often be divided between the two of them as they were both super handsome but gave off different feels.

Jaehyun’s elementary graduation picture. | via @focusonstetc/Twitter

They both graduated from Shindong Elementary and Middle School.

Netizens’ conversations with their ex-schoolmate. | @3pf0i/Twitter

  • “Won’t he have been the most handsome in his class at this rate?? It’s not easy for your elementary school grad pic to turn out like that.”
  • “[reply]Well, his schoolmate was Jung Jaehyun so they were both the top two.”
  • “[reply]He was from the same school as Jung Jaehyun?”

Netizens’ conversations with their ex-schoolmate. | @3pf0i/Twitter

  • “I wondered who was Jung Jaehyun so I went to search it up and I think the new guy is more handsome.”
  • “Huh”
  • “What the female kids in the class decided on was that it boils down to personal preference LOL”
  • “It’s so funny how it was determined that [the most handsome] boils down to preference LOL. But it’s true that as long as you’re some standard of handsome, it’ll be down to taste.”

The best part? According to their ex-schoolmate, the two were close!

Netizens’ conversations with their ex-schoolmate. | @3pf0i/Twitter

  • “I remember them being close LOL”
  • Daebak.”

Handsome and elite men flocking together, we see. Hopefully with the show gaining popularity, Jaehyun will tune in and remember his old friend!




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