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Jeon Somi Confesses To TWICE’s Chaeyoung That She Was “Happy” To Leave JYP Entertainment

Somi was nearly a member of TWICE and ITZY.

K-Pop soloist Jeon Somi confessed she was happy to leave JYP Entertainment.

Jeon Somi

Before Somi debuted as a soloist under YG Entertainment‘s THEBLACKLABEL, she was under JYP Entertainment. She even appeared in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” MV and featured in 2PM Jun K’s “From November to February.”

Somi (left) and Yugyeom (right) | JYP Entertainment

Somi also competed on the reality girl group survival shows SIXTEEN and Produce 101. As she competed in Mnet and JYP Entertainment’s SIXTEEN, Somi was a trainee under JYP Entertainment. This show determined the fate of TWICE. While Somi didn’t debut in the group, she did become friends with the members, especially Chaeyoung.


So, on the second episode of Somi’s newly released YouTube show Yes or HOT, Chaeyoung guested.

The premise of the show is a Q&A game with a twist. They can answer the question asked or skip it and eat spicy food instead. So, it’s similar to Truth & Dare.

| @TEO_universe/YouTube

Early in the episode, Chaeyoung asked Somi if she was happy to leave JYP Entertainment. Without hesitation, Somi confessed she was with a big smile.

Chaeyoung: You’re happy leaving JYP, right?

Jeon Somi: Yes!

Later in the episode, Somi asked Chaeyoung if she was “relieved” that she did not debut as a member of TWICE. Chaeyoung revealed that she was actually sad. Yet, she is now happy because she feels that she and Somi met more now than even when Somi was under JYP Entertainment.

Jeon Somi: You were relieved when I didn’t get into TWICE, right?

Chaeyoung: Hey! I was so sad.

Jeon Somi: I know. I still remember that day. The last day.

Chaeyoung: How could you forget?

Jeon Somi: I remember all those eyes. I think I was in love with you.

Chaeyoung: Me too.

Jeon Somi: We were stuck together.

Chaeyoung: I was so sad I couldn’t be in a team with you. And after that, when you left JYP, I was so upset. But a side of me wanted things to work out.

Jeon Somi: I think we meet more often now than when we were in the same company.

Chaeyoung: Right, I think so too.

Somi terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment on August 20, 2018. Less than a year later, on June 13, 2019, she debuted as a solo artist under THEBLACKLABEL. Before leaving JYP Entertainment, she was meant to debut as a member of ITZY, and ultimately, Yuna replaced her after she terminated her contract.


Everything certainly happens for a reason. Somi is thriving as a solo artist, and we can’t imagine ITZY without Yuna!

Watch the full episode below.



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