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CLC’s Leader Seungyeon Gives Her Stance On Whether K-Pop Idols Should Date

She even revealed if she dated while CLC was active.

CLC is no longer active but remains close friends, releasing solo music together and attending events. Leader Seungyeon and Sorn even met up to answer fans’ burning questions, including dating among K-Pop idols.

Seungyeon and Sorn. | @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

When the two sat down with Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi for a drink, they addressed the topic of whether they’ve “dated a celebrity” before. Since Ashley and Sorn were in long-distance relationships when their groups were active, they both denied having the opportunity. The case was different for Seungyeon.

The CLC leader admitted, “I have, but we both met when we were both non-celebrities and started dating after our debut.

Naturally, Ashley wondered if Seungyeon only dated one celebrity. She shyly revealed there were more, “There have been… I’ve experienced it.

Although the topic of K-Pop idols dating can be very tricky, Seungyeon supported it. She said, “It’s not a sin to love.

K-Pop idols may have worldwide fame but are still human beings who want connections with others.

Without love, I’m nothing but a corpse. I really…love a lot.

— Seungyeon

| @seung_monkey/Instagram

See Seungyeon get behind the idea of idols dating in their private lives.



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