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BTS RM’s Treatment Of The “Still Life” MV Actors Showcases His True Personality

BTS‘s RM recently released his solo album, Indigo, which captured netizens even before its release with its impressive line-up of legendary featured artists. 

As expected, with its release, the album cemented itself as a success earning critical acclaim for its ten genre-bending tracks, star-powered artist features, and thought-provoking lyrics.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

One of the VIP featured artists on his album was the American rapper, singer-songwriter, and drummer, Anderson .Paak.

Anderson .Paak also collaborated with BTS earlier this year, lending his drumming skills to their special Proof Live performance of “Yet To Come.”

(From left to right) BTS’s Jin, Jungkook, V, Anderson .Paak, BTS’s RM, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope on the “Proof Live” set | Vulture

The Indigo collaboration effortlessly wove RM’s deep and distinct voice with .Paak’s equally unique and soulful voice to deliver the fun and upbeat track “Still Life.”

RM put a lot of thought into the concept of “Still Life,” wanting to capture the artistic essence of life through the music video and wordplay in the title.

As a non-native English speaker, I interpreted the word as ‘Life still goes on.’ Even though the picture is stationary in a frame, it is still alive. I wanted to talk about life ongoing moving away from fixed canvas.

— RM

This artistic portrayal of daily life was also captured in the “Still Life” music video, which showed RM taking a train ride that fluctuates between being filled with people to empty, as time freezes while RM remains in motion.

RM took ARMYs along during the making of the music video, showing behind-the-scenes footage of the train set. On the first day of filming, extras surrounded RM as he sat on the train.

Although RM was hard at work, the video showed him cheerfully conversing and laughing with the other actors on set when he could.

While idle chatter may be expected between shots, RM thoughtfully went the extra mile, learning more about his fellow actors during breaks in filming.

The behind-the-scenes video showed him speaking with an extra in Japanese, telling him, “悪い席です,” meaning “this is a bad seat,” referring to the bench RM sat on.

In the next clip, he was letting another extra know in English who was featured on the song…

… before the next clip showed him asking a different extra if they were from Paris, pronouncing the capital of France with a French accent.

After flexing his multi-lingual skills, RM shared that they had American, Japanese, and French actors on set, making it an “international train.”

RM’s thoughtful way of making everyone feel included and welcomed by speaking their language showcases his true kind and heartwarming personality.

Check out more about RM’s true personality in the article below!

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