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Popular Actress Claps Back At Netizens Pressuring Her To Have A Baby Or Risk Getting “Outside Help”

She’s had enough.

Joe Chen Qiaoen is a popular 44-year old singer and actress from Taiwan who has been married to Alan Zeng Weichang, 35 years old, for two years. The latter comes from a well-known wealthy family in Malaysia who are now all being dragged by netizens in a controversy against the actress.

They claimed that Chen was acting selfishly by not yet becoming pregnant with her husband’s child. They highlighted their perceived importance of the family’s need for an offspring, claiming that her in-laws will eventually become so frustrated that they’ll seek “outside help” or find an egg donor without her permission.

Joe Chen Qiaoen and her husband Alan Zeng Weichang

They further blamed her for “failing” to fall pregnant due to the stress of her highly publicized work.

  • Chen Qiaoen has been trying to get pregnant for a long time but all her efforts have failed. She needs medication to relieve her stress.
  • Her parents-in-law do not care who gives birth to the child. It’s fine as long as it is her husband’s child.


Chen called out these netizens in a Weibo post dating March 10. She said that their words were “shameless and groundless” and that it was her choice to not get pregnant at this point in her life.

Life is full of choices. I think everyone has the right and freedom to choose a life he or she wants to live because we only live once .I am approaching 45 years old. Touching my heart, I hear a voice in my heart saying, ‘I really love the present me.’

 Joe Chen Qiaoen

She singled the haters out among her 70 million followers. She emphasized that what she does with her life is none of their business.

Do you think it is necessary for me to work so hard to have a baby? What’s more, I have got two fur kids [dogs]. I love all fur kids and I will have more. I am living my life happily. Whether I have a baby is none of your business.

Joe Chen Qiaoen


Fans backed her up, loving her independent mindset and ability to stand up for herself.

  • Her mindset is way too good. Everyone should think in this way that we should be ourselves first.
  • I agree with her choice. It’s better than those women who have a baby and then are exhausted every day.

Joe Chen Qiaoen and her husband are currently living a joyful life together as evidenced by the former’s frequent posts on social media.


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